Evaluation Tool

It’s finally here! An evaluation tool, written by school nurses and school nurse administrators, approved by the DOE, that is based on the School Nurse Standards of Practice! And schools, public, private and charter, can choose to use it!

Evaluations - that time every spring that no one is thrilled about. For many it’s easy to understand why. Nurses are evaluated by non-nurses. Those non-nurses are being asked to evaluate a job they don’t really understand. They realize we do more than band aids and boo-boos, but what are they supposed to be looking for?

If you are a nurse evaluator, the nurses under your responsibility are fortunate. You, at least, understand the different aspects of their job. It may not make your job any easier, though.  Many districts ask their nursing supervisors to use the district assessments. So some nurses are evaluated with the same tool used for teachers, some are evaluated with the tool used for administrators, and some are evaluated with the same tool used for unlicensed cafeteria workers. Each of these tools has validity for the group that it was written for, but school nurses are not the group they were written for.

Over the past year, school nurses, psychologists, social workers and guidance counselors have been working on a job specific evaluation tool. For school nurses, the committee, spearheaded by School Nurse Administrator, Lisa Kern, developed an evaluation tool that has the key components the Department of Education (DOE) wants, but school nurses will be evaluated on the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) Standards of School Nursing Practice. The evaluation has been presented by Dianne Mennitt, our DOE School Nurse Consultant, for review by the DOE, and it has passed with flying colors!

During July and August, District Administrators can apply for approval to use this evaluation tool. At the bottom of this page are the documents you need:  the evaluation model and guide, the request to use this evaluation, the DOE letter addressing evaluation of non-classroom instructional personnel, plus links to the ANA/NASN Scope and Standards of School Nursing Practice and the Code of Ethics.

An e-blast will go out to all FASN members and the DOE/DOH School Health Coordinators with this information. School nurses, this is your call to action, especially if you have a non-nurse evaluator. Send them to this web site, www.FASN.net. Ask them to look at the documents and encourage them to apply for permission to evaluate you on the job you actually do.

This document can be used for school nurses in all settings: public, private and charter schools. As school nurses, working under the Nurse Practice Act, our role to ensure the health and safety of students remains the same in whatever setting we are working in.

DOE Non-classroom Instructional Personnel Evaluation Systems Memo - [PDF]

Guide to Using the Evaluation Tool Model (78 pages) - [PDF]

Evaluation Model Tool - [PDF]

School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (2nd Edition) - [PDF]

School Nurse Code of Ethics (COE) - [PDF]